Every once in a while you can be checking through the accumulation of notes and other odds and ends when you find something that doesn’t look familiar. Possibly it’s something someone handed to you that you didn’t have time to look at previously. It’s just there, somehow—who knows how or when it got mixed in with your own notes.

Here’s one of those. It’s a memo that came out of a printer, so there’s no handwriting which might have provided evidence of its origin. When I read it, everything in it rang true—and valuable. Here it is in its entirety (I have fixed a spelling error or two):

Keys to Selling Your Eugene Home for Profit

  • smart modest investments (new stainless steel appliances, new carpet, etc)
  • smart exterior improvement (clean landscape lines, strategic color pops, fresh mulch, new exterior paint/trim)
  • stage it! Stage indoors and outdoors during warm months. Research average return on staging statistic.

Unless it’s a fixer, then these tips don't apply, in that case, to make the most money, don’t invest in any improvements, just priced to sell!

If I had one thing to add, it would be the “staging statistic” that the author (who was obviously pressed for time) seems to have wanted to include.

Boiling down Realtor® Magazine’s most detailed analysis of the topic (2015), they found that “A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home.” Furthermore, when it comes to speed in selling your home, staged offerings left their non-staged competitors in the dust: they sold “87% faster.”

Selling your Eugene home profitably is a wise goal from the start to finish. I offer the local knowledge and expertise that has helped me perform exactly that for my clients through years of practice and experience. Give me a call at 541-954-8600.