Oakridge, Lane County, Oregon: What do you need to know

Are you contemplating to move to Oakridge, OR?  The key factors to decide whether this whole new place fits your lifestyle are opted to know its demographic, livability, and beautiful places.



Oakridge City, OR is situated at 43.75 North Latitude,122.46 West longitude and 366 meters elevation above the sea level. It is nearby to small towns like Cottage Grove, Cresswell, Springfield, and Westfir.


In 2012, the Oakridge city had a total of 3, 211 populations, which is 64% higher than state median of based on US Census Bureau2.  It is considered as the 8, 480th largest city in the United States. The population density is 1, 482 sq.mi that results into 366% higher than the Oregon average and 1546% higher compared with the national average. The median age is 56 that is about 42% higher than the  39% average in Oregon.  For over 15 years of age, 56% of the population is married.   Two languages are frequently spoken, 96% in English and 3% in Spanish. The majority (59%) of the residents in Oakridge were born out of state, and 39% of them was born in Oregon. 3


The other concern you have in mind can go like this, “Would I afford to live in Oakridge City?” The median home value is $160,300 which marks to be 35% lower than the state median.  An average household income is $41, 284 which is 17% lower than the state value.   With your plan on putting up a business, the city revenue ranges from $4.2M to 1,316M. Your lifestyle of smart working coupled with proper investment, this city awaits you for great opportunities toward a modest living with your family.

Interesting Places 

 Oakridge City embodies several beautiful places for breathtaking experiences. In Salt Creek Falls, a second highest falls in Oregon is known for its beautiful hiking trails. It is worth your time to just being there.  Another thrilling spot is the Willamette Mountain Mercantile-Oakridge Bikeshop offers fantastic outdoor adventures and excellent bikes at a very reasonable price. There are more exciting places for campsites waiting for you to discover in Oakridge4.

Now that you have known these few information, you can be confident enough to consider moving to Oakridge City, Oregon and enjoy living to the fullest.


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