Will You Be Ready For A Friendly Living In Creswell City, Lane County, OR?

Have you been thinking of moving to a new place which is family-friendly, has plenty of greenery and recreational opportunities, and has a growing economy? Creswell, also known as “The Friendly Town,” is a city located in the South of Eugene and North of Cottage Grove along the I-5 corridor which offers all of these. Take on a new adventure in Creswell and find out why it is called “The Friendly Town.”


1.       It has great outdoors.

Creswell offers a quiet retreat in the beautiful South Willamette as well as easy access to the Cascade Mountains. Having a significant number of parks, trails, lakes and vineyards, residents and tourists can enjoy nature and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities such as birding, hiking, camping, cycling, skydiving, golfing and a lot more.

2.       The economy’s doing well.

Job opportunities in Creswell have increased by 2.3 percent over the last year. With this, it is predicted that the future job growth over the next ten years would be 38.8 percent, which is higher than the country’s average of 38 percent.

One of the best indicators of a job market’s strength is the median household income. The median household income in Creswell is higher than the states and the country. According to AreaVibes, the median household income in Creswell is $55,728, which is five percent higher than the Oregon average and one percent higher than the US average.

The City of Creswell also invested in community development and projects while identifying the community’s needs, such as the need for regional social service resources and economic strategy development. They have also taken actions to attract more developers and businesses to fill the vacant industrial land and grow its business community.

3.       It has productive agriculture.

Creswell has a rich history of agriculture and has thrived to have one today.  Its agriculture in the early times grew mostly wheat and orchards and raised cattle and pigs. However, in the 1900s, Creswell started having its cannery, packing plant, fruit dryer, and other professional services. It remains a farming community up until this day, and it is one of the things people living in Creswell are proud of.

You will never regret choosing Cresswell City as a new place to invest for a real estate property. You and your family are most welcome in this "Friendly City!" 


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