What’s The One Thing That Can Make Or Break Your Home Sale?

Today, the answer to that is easy — Internet marketing. Why? Because the latest reports show that almost all home searches (94%) begin on the Internet. So choosing a Listing Agent who understands the intricacies of Internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and who also has the high-tech tools to quickly implement your Internet marketing is critical to selling your home for the highest price in the shortest time.

It’s a real estate fact: the more buyers who are exposed to your home, the greater your chances of getting an offer — even multiple offers. Nothing else exposes your home to as many buyers as the Internet. Nothing else exposes your home as thoroughly as the Internet. And nothing else exposes your home in as many locations throughout the state, nation, and world as the Internet.

When you choose the Simon Smith Team as your Listing Agent, in a matter of minutes I broadcast your home’s availability to buyers all across the Web by placing your home’s professional-quality photos and a detailed description on this very Web site. And in another few minutes, your home appears on a syndicate of the world’s most important real estate search sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, and Yahoo Real Estate, to name a few.

Our Network Becomes Your Network

Additionally, the Simon Smith Team maintains a large database of buyers who have expressed an interest in buying a Eugene-Springfield home. Immediately upon listing with us, your home’s availability is emailed to this extensive network of buyers.

Also, the Simon Smith Team — which has over 36 years of combined real estate experience — maintains a sterling reputation within the real estate community. This means that other brokers and agents in the Eugene-Springfield market are happy to show our listings to their buyer clients because they know us to be hardworking, professional and easy to get along with. By immediately notifying our network of area Realtors® of your home’s availability, we quickly jumpstart the sale of your home.

Is Your Home "Market Ready"?

Another reason area Realtors® are so glad to show our listings is that we are known for having homes market ready. These Realtors® know beforehand that upon entering your door their buyer clients will not be disappointed by such things as clutter, pet odor, carpet stains or dark dreary rooms.

To assist you in getting your home market ready, I or a member of my team walk through your home with you. Based on our long years of experience, we advise you of the best ways to present your home so that it appeals to the most people. And because we know which improvements are worth the investment and which are not, this walkthrough is a big step in getting you an offer that puts more money in your pocket at the closing table.

That’s why I have to be really honest in advising you of what needs to be done to get your home ready to show. I know that in the end my directness is going to net you more money, so I get right to it. But please remember that my to-do list is nothing personal and does not mean I dislike your home. The goal is not for you or me to like it, but for the most people possible to like it.