Who Keeps Up With Your Contract’s Contingencies,

Deadlines And Due Dates?

Real estate transactions fall apart all the time for a myriad of reasons. Contracts are complicated, intimidating and full of contingencies, deadlines and due dates. Keeping track of these important details is the responsibility of your Listing Agent. And when you choose the Simon Smith Team to list your home, you get the benefit of our cutting-edge data management system, which keeps us apprised of every single detail of your contract on every day of every week of every month.

We always know what’s what and keep you advised with regular communications by phone or email, whichever you prefer.

Although this is the kind of service you should expect from a professional, too often it’s not the kind of service you get. Too many agents bounce their way through a transaction like a pinball. And like a pinball, their attention to these important details is hit or miss. But when you list with the Simon Smith Team, none of your contract’s details are left to chance. In this way, we keep your home sale on track all the way to the closing table.

How NOT To Sabotage Your Home Sale

It’s a real estate fact: home sellers are vulnerable to emotional sabotage, especially when selling in a buyer’s market such as we have today. But whether an emotional onslaught is brought about by difficulty in placing a price tag on the “brick and mortar” structure that has safeguarded your life and the lives of those you love ... or by placing too high a value on your personal upgrades ... or from receiving a buyer’s lowball offer — as your Realtor®, I maintain a professional objective viewpoint and help you balance your emotions with sound logic and real estate expertise.

At a time when you may be facing the money-draining strain of two mortgage payments, detaching from your feelings is almost impossible. But with me, Simon Smith, as your listing agent, you have an experienced real estate professional to serve as your “voice of reason.”

Too many agents are content to say to their seller, “Here’s the offer” and leave it at that. But by laying out all of your options, explaining each one in detail and answering your questions in depth, I shine a light on all of the unknowns so you can make the best and most-informed decision. By using my extensive market knowledge and long years in the real estate business in this way, I find a smooth path for you and your family to travel in successfully selling your home so you can buy another and move on to the next chapter in your life.