The hustle and bustle of big cities can be exhausting. Moving to a place far away from all the traffic, pollution, and overcrowdedness might just be the perfect thing to do—and Coburg might just be the perfect place for you. Surrounded by green pastures, farms, and vineyards, Coburg is a peaceful farming community located in the South Willamette Valley just a few miles away from Eugene and I-5 corridor. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Coburg:

It has low crime rates.

When moving to a new place, one of the most important things to consider is security. According to Niche, Coburg ranks seventh among the safest places to live in Oregon because of its low crime rates. 

It has a violent crime rate of 23.1 percent which is 10 percent lower than the country’s average crime rate and a property crime rate of 23.6 percent which is 14.5 percent lower than that of the country’s.

It has low home values. 

With a small population of over 1000, the home values in Coburg are generally low. The median home value is only $227,500 which is eight percent lower than the state’s median home value. 

It has fascinating historical sites. 

Being in Coburg is like a trip back in time. It is part of the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic District with over 187 sites and structures. Just within the vicinity of the Coburg City Hall, you can already enjoy a walking tour of 20 historical houses.

Coburg, best known for its antique shops, collectibles, and country crafts, is also a great place to find well-kept household goods filled with stories.

It is a green city. 

Residents and tourists enjoy Coburg’s green and scenic sites. Built around neighborhood farms, green pastures, and vineyards, residents are able to grow plenty of hops, peppers, grass seed and raise sheep, cattle, alpacas and horses. 

There are also several parks in Coburg such as Armitage Park Trail, Norma Pfeiffer Park, Pavillion Park and a lot more where residents and tourists enjoy nature strolls and different physical activities.